As a seasoned professional with a Master’s in Psychology and over 30 years of experience in the gaming world, I’m here to explore the intricacies of community building. My goal is to explore how psychology can inform strategies for fostering inclusivity, promoting positive interactions, and enhancing player engagement. Join me as we explore real-world case studies and academic research to uncover best practices for creating vibrant and resilient gaming communities.

Why do we use Swiss pairing for most events?

I'm getting ready for the events we run at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) and was asked why Swiss pairing? Why not use single elimination or another method of pairings? So here is the answer with how we try to fix some of the issues at the end. What is Swiss pairings?...

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The role of repetition in community

A few months ago I was at the GAMA trade show and talking with a couple friends about designing Organized Play (OP) systems for card games. That got me thinking about one of the least discussed aspects of a successful program - repetition and predictability.   ...

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